Simone I. Smith
SISTER LOVE A collaboration inspired by friendship and sisterhood and a love for statement pieces SHOP NOW
Sister Love Bio

“We both support each other in everything we do. That includes the ways we can help each other grow from knowing the others strengths personally and professionally. We now get to experience a lot of firsts together and truly share in the vision and mission of our business SISTER LOVE.“ - Simone I. Smith & Mary J. Blige

Sister Love is a jewelry line inspired by the friendship of Simone I. Smith and Mary J. Blige. It’s a collection of designs that symbolizes strength, edge, style, and sassiness made in their support for each other and their love of statement pieces. Sister Love is based on the notion that Queens Rek-A-Nize Queens because we are stronger together. Simone and Mary believe working together shows other women the importance of supporting each other. The line was designed to inspire women to be strong, fearless, empowered and to "wear what you want…because you CAN!"