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Strength. Integrity. Style.

Hoop earrings are the fundamental building blocks of the Simone I. Smith® brand. Simone has passionately made it her goal to create the perfect hoop for the modern woman while maintaining the integrity of the classic hoop we all know and love. With 3 custom designed closers such as:

  1. The Bridge Hook: a hand crafted fully fashioned horizontal down closure that provides security and comfort. 
  2. The Simone I. Smith® Hook: an ergonomic dangle closure that offers women a discrete and easy to insert handle without compromising her profile. 
  3. The Simone I. Smith® Drop Hook: an ambitious approach to reducing weight, material usage, with a sweeping design that enriches the overall contour of the Simone I. Smith hoop.

$10 for each purchase of any piece from the entire Simone I. Smith Collection will be contributed to the American Cancer Society.